Educational leave

Some workers have the advantage of study leave by taking GLTT-courses.

GLTT procedure to apply for study leave

You need to ask a certificate for study leave to the secretariat. Please come before your course to the secretariat, with your enrolment slip. At the end of your lesson your certificate will be ready. This certificate should be handed to your employer. Always give the original certificate to your employer. Your employer will need to send this original document to the Ministery of Education and Employment.

After 3 month and at the end of the semester GLTT will give you a document with your presences (and possible absences) during the course. This document again needs to be given to your employer.

Study Leave Card

In order to avoid discussions about presences and possible absences you will receive a Study Leave Card. Before the start of each lesson you should hand in this card at the secretariat. After the course you can collect your stamped Study Leave Card from the secretariat.

Absence in class

A maximum percentage of absences has been fixed which you may not surpass. Otherwise you will lose your rights to Study Leave. As the lessons are grouped, an absence of a morning, afternoon or evening session represents 3,75 h (and not 3 hours). Absences without justification, even for part of the course (e.g. after the break), will be noted as such. For justified absences you should hand in your absence certificate to the GLTT secretariat at the latest within 10 days following your absence, cfr the school regulations you have signed on the back of your enrolment slip. A valid absence certificate can only be delivered by your general practitioner or your employer.

For any queries please contact the totally independent services of Study Leave at the Ministery of Education and Employment. You can call them on the following number: 02/233.47.30 .